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It's me - Moss

Hiya, it's Moss here.

I noticed there has been a distinct lack of blogginess happenings by herself so I thought I would put paw to keyboard and wuffle a story or two.

Herself does a fair bit of painting type 'stuff' and when she does, I have the essential job of lying on her feet or sleeping up against the back of her chair.

When she is not painting, she does something I used to be terrified of.... GARDENING.  I am still not too sure about certain SCARY things, but I have braved up a bit...actually quite a lot!

Once upon a time my heart would stop at the sight of welly-boots, I would quiver in fear if any spades or rakes were picked up and I would hide myself when a wheelbarrow came out to play.

Now, I am still wary but I have seemed to have grown a (slightly) thicker skin. I've had to - I go 'hard core gardening' once weekly when herself volunteers in the walled garden.
I've been three times and last week was my bestest day so far!
The sun shone on my fur and I was happy playing. 
I sunbathed on the recently mown grass,
it smelt just like hay
My fur smelt so sweet! 
Now, I strangely find weeding rather good fun.
Each time she pulls one up...it might...just...be...a...ball..
which she just might..throw...for...me
oh the anticipation
and excitement!

Oh - it was just a weed.
No wait...she's going pick up a ball!!
And if she just does not get the hint - 
I get my favourite toy and drop it at her feet when she stops for a brew 
(I usually insist on a biscuit then too!)
I have happily discovered that if I drop my ball into the water trough
I get to have a sneaky swim!
She says it is therapy 
(not sure whether I can eat that or play fetch with it)
for both of us
if we garden each week.

What ever it is -
I think I like it.

(Just hope she doesn't use the hammer 
or make a loud noise, I might have to hide)


Happy dancing promised

Been a bit busy recently - so thought I'd quickly pop in and chat for a while. Some of you may have noticed a distinct lack of 'Potager updates'. It is not because I have been lax at writing them, or that the slugs had decimated my vegetables (although they have tried their hardest to do so), nor due to the rains flattening them either (although, yes you guessed it - it has definitely tried to do so). No. Nothing like that.

No - my potager has reduced in size somewhat - I have lost nearly 3/4 of it to this........ 
This not quite complete summer house will eventually be my new studio! 
How exciting! (except I am too tired to leap about like a happy thing!) 
We have just spent two days, all four of us, building. 
There has been a few frayed moments,  a few gnashing of teeth but a lot of laughing, loads of nails and screws and tacks and glue. Oh so many planks, beams and boards. Why is it all so very heavy!?!

Have to admit that I never thought I'd see it up. The rain...... the rain - sigh.

The company that supplied the building need lessons with their customer service.
Their choice of delivery company is appalling! (it took THREE separate deliveries before it actually arrived, each one a flat packed summer house made it to the village but only the final one actually got off the truck! The first one arrived horribly damaged and I refused delivery, the second one never got to us, the delivery driver insisted he stood at our door knocking on it and we'd not answered - Eldest stood on the pavement looking out for him when we were given the half hour warning - nothing. A third summerhouse finally arrived .... then it rained for about three weeks....)
The workmanship of the building is not consistent nor was the company's quality control - Himself has had to fix lots of stupid basic errors.
Although not fully up - due to time wasted messing with windows not fitting the frames or the hinges needing to be countersunk so the doors actually fit the frame - it is up and waterproof!
I can visualise where my desk and I will be, I can visualise where my art will sit as it drys and I can visualise the layout for October when my 'studio' will be part of the open studios art trail - eek!

I'd planned to have it painted before it was assembled but we watched the weather and saw a small window this weekend - I'll have to paint it another day.  

I'll also have to make sure it is insulated for winter (brrrrrr!) so I can work out all year round. But, despite a lot still to do - I am quietly chuffed that in our garden, tucked in between the trees and usurping my vegetable garden - I have a summerhouse studio :)

Right - off for a shower and bed - I am tired and suspect I will be stiff (as a board!) tomorrow - but I will probably definitely do the happy dance (but not in the rain) in my studio!

PS - I have belatedly added the list of words for this month's Scavenger hunt to the top right of the page - enjoy! xxx


May August be filled with art - oh! Look it has already started :)

Some years ago, when I was taller than my boys, I very bravely took them off on a summer holiday leaving Himself at home working and pet watching. We went up to Dumfries and Galloway and spent a rather rainy but glorious week in a stone tower perched on a rocky coastline.
One of our days out (we managed to do many jollies in between the showers) we ended with a visit in a small cafe in the delightful artists' town of Kirkcudbright. We sat in the window seat steaming dry as we waited for our mugs of tea and lattes to arrive. The cafe walls were adorned with the work of local artists and one that I kept looking back at was a very pretty Celtic inspired tree of life. I loved the twirls and curls and the delicate colours.

As we paid for our meal and welcome hot drinks (that was a story in itself but hey ho!) at the desk my eye was caught by the sweetest little business cards ... for the same artist on the wall. So I took one.
Once home I found out that not only is she a cracking artist but she is also a blogger - so I happily became her secret stalker! So who is this artist that I was inspired by?

Ruthie Redden , who not has a blog but an official art and illustration website. So where is this all going? Well I entered her giveaway and won a pretty 'do-it-yourself' butterfly bunting kit and she kindly added two beautiful cards.

This morning, before I woke the boys, I opened my parcel and was delighted at the thoughtful presentation. I know exactly where this is going! (This too is another story in itself - but this one is still unfolding :) )
So, as much as I would like to get my coloured pencils out and be totally absorbed in the art of colouring in - I have other more pressing things to do - besides the sun is shining and I need to water the greenhouse!

Any hoo - HaPpY TuEsDaY everyone :)

PS - I've not forgotten my list of words for August's Scavenger Photo Hunt, they will appear shortly at the top right hand side of my blog soon xx